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Velopharyngeal Dysfunction: Multidisciplinary Management of Challenging Cases

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

This webinar addresses velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD), a condition with a broad spectrum of etiologies that can significantly impact speech production and resonance. The multifaceted nature of VPD, potentially encompassing anatomical, physiological, and articulation factors, necessitates a comprehensive evaluation approach that benefits from a multidisciplinary team.

This session will explore:

  • Velopharyngeal valve function: We will examine the critical role of the velopharyngeal valve in achieving intelligible speech and optimal resonance.
  • Speech and resonance characteristics: The webinar will delve into the various speech and resonance disorders associated with VPD.
  • Diagnostic strategies for VPD: We will review established procedures for differential diagnosis and treatment planning in VPD patients.
  • The importance of multidisciplinary management strategies including patient tailored surgeries and targeted speech therapy: The webinar will emphasize the value of a collaborative approach involving otolaryngologists, speech-language pathologists, and other specialists in the successful evaluation and management of VPD.

Case presentations will be utilized to illustrate the complexities of VPD diagnosis and to highlight the effectiveness of and challenges faced by the multidisciplinary team in managing this condition.

Featured Speakers: Michel Nassar and Emily Stoddard

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Feeding Difficulties from Birth to Childhood

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

This webinar covers feeding and swallowing considerations from infancy through adolescence, with a focus on interdisciplinary team management.  The panel consists of multiple experts in feeding and swallowing assessment and management across age groups. Content will be applied through case studies with a question-and-answer period.

This webinar was held on Tuesday, September 12th from 7:00pm-8:30pm CT

Free to SENTAC members and only $25 to non-members.

Featured Speakers: Jeannine Hoch, Julian Smith, Jeanan Sfeir 

After participating in this session, attendees should be able to:

  1. Provide an overview of anatomical and physiologic changes related to feeding and swallowing from infancy to school-age children
  2. Outline specific assessment and treatment considerations for infants, toddlers, and school-age children
  3. Identify differences in dysphagia management strategies across age groups
  4. Identify key interdisciplinary team members across age groups

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Managing the Challenging Parent/Patient: Interactive Simulations

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

Pediatric patients present a unique challenge as the medical encounter always involves a third party being the child’s parent or legal guardian. At times there are challenges with these interactions which can potentially interfere with the primary reason for the patient’s visit. We will simulate several different types of challenging parent interactions and discuss methods to help mitigate these while keeping the patient as the primary focus.

This webinar was held on Tuesday, July 18th from 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT

Free to SENTAC members and only $25 to non-members.

Featured Speakers:

Daniel L. Wohl, MD

Dr. Wohl has been practicing pediatric otolaryngology for over 30 years. After starting his professional career in academic medicine, Dr. Wohl transitioned to private practice in Jacksonville, Florida where over the past 20+ years he has established the reputation for providing high quality ENT medical/surgical care and compassionate service to infants and children in Northeast Florida. The practice motto is, “Making children’s lives better one patient at a time.”

Eileen M. Raynor, MD

I have practiced Academic pediatric otolaryngology for over 20 years first in Florida and then in NC. I found myself fascinated by otolaryngology early in my medical school training because of the wide variety of patients and procedures we get to manage. Additionally, I especially love working with children and their families; it is a privilege to play a small role in a child’s growth and development. I am drawn to surgery because it epitomizes the combination of art and science in medicine allowing for creative solutions to complicated problems. In my free time, I also pursue creative hobbies. I play the piano, and I still take lessons weekly. I also make jewelry, enjoy learning languages, such as Spanish and Russian, reading, traveling, and practicing photography with my husband.

Sheila Rittgers, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker at Duke Children’s Health Center. I have been working with children and their caregivers in multiple specialty clinics for over twenty years. I enjoy meeting patients and their families and am particularly interested in preparing patients and their families for the transition from pediatric to adult care as well as helping patients learn to effectively manage their chronic illness and thrive as individuals in spite of the difficult challenges they face. In my free time I love to travel, garden and fish.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  1. Implement strategies to maintain professionalism in the setting of a challenging parent or guardian.
  2. Recognize situations where additional help may be required to de-escalate a situation
  3. Utilize a variety of strategies to redirect the focus onto the care of the patient

1.5 CME will be awarded for this webinar

Everything you always wanted to know about congenital CMV: but were afraid to ask

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

This lecture will be centered around the child born with congenital CMV (cCMV) and the effects on the child and the family.  It will be hosted by a number of experts in the multidisciplinary care of these children and will have a distinct focus on the developmental impact of this condition particularly through the lens of hearing and balance. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of early diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation. A parental perspective will be shared and discussion around the impact of cCMV on pregnant clinicians will also be presented.

This webinar was held on Tuesday, May 16 from 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT (5pm Pacific, 8pm EDT )

Free to SENTAC members and only $25 to non-members.

Featured Speakers:

Sharon Cushing, MD, MSC, FRCSC; Vicky Papaionnaou, M.CLSc; Ari Bitnun, MD, M.Sc., FRCPC; and special guest, Rob Tétrault, Parent Advocate, Chair and Trustee CMV Canada

Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe CMV epidemiology and the risk factors for contracting CMV that are relevant to pregnant mothers and pregnant clinicians.
  2. Outline the clinical manifestations and natural history of congenital CMV.
  3. Understand the methods through which congenital CMV is diagnosed in an infant.
  4. Be aware of the role of valganciclovir as a treatment option for congenital CMV.
  5. Recognize and predict the impact of congenital CMV on hearing and vestibular function.
  6. Counsel families regarding the risk of progression of hearing loss in children with congenital CMV.
  7. Implement audiologic follow-up for a child with congenital CMV and normal hearing.
  8. Consider the role of amplification and implantation in CMV related hearing loss, including single sided deafness.
  9. Identify educational resources for the families of children affected by congenital CMV.

1.5 CME will be awarded for this webinar

Speaker Information

ASHA credits were awarded to attendees who participated in the live event on May 16th. 

Funding: This webinar is supported by the Depart of Otolaryngology, Hospital for Sick Children in Honor of Dr. Jack Friedberg.

Care on the Spectrum: Multidisciplinary Care of Autism

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

This webinar was held on Tuesday, March 21st from 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT (5pm Pacific, 8pm EDT )

Free to SENTAC members and only $25 to non-members.

Speakers will review a variety of challenges and strategies for successful interactions in both ambulatory and surgical care of children with autism spectrum disorder, including audiologic testing, feeding therapy, and perioperative care.

Featured Speakers:

Jennifer Del Re, SLP; Lauren Gist, MD, MPH; Shani Goldgrub, Au.D, CCC-A; Anita Norton, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, CNS; and Jill Wiench, BS, CCLS 

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will learn from a multidisciplinary team (speech pathologist, audiologist, preoperative nursing team, and developmental pediatrician) about challenges and innovative ways to work with children on the Autism Spectrum. Following the session, participants can expect to gain knowledge on approaches that can easily be implemented into their everyday practice to improve care for this population.

1.5 CME will be awarded for this webinar

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